(2017) Dug from the cellar in October 2017, this 21-year-old wine was cellared experimentally by me in 1997 because of its reputation for costing next to nothing (about £3.99 from Oddbins in 1997) and maturing into something special with cellaring - HWB stands for 'Houghton White Burgundy', a name that had was still used outside of Europe at the time this was purchased, but which was dropped worldwide in 2005 for obvious reasons. I confess I didn't mean to keep this for 20 years, yet despite being a little past it, this still gave a lot of pleasure: nutty oxidation on the nose, but not at all rancid: buttery pecans maybe, and a suggestion of ripe apple beneath, nice little sweet tobacco notes well in the background. In the mouth the sweetness of the fruit remains, really very simple, a moderate weight, and the acid not out of kilter. It is definitely a simple, sweetish and slightly hollow now, sweetness and acid not fleshed out by an awful lot more, but really rather nice overall. The blend is Chenin Blanc, Muscadelle and Chardonnay, aged in American oak.