(2022) Justerini says "The true identity of our house Pomerol is highly classified," one of those teasers that wine lovers find irresistible. The clue that's given: "All we can say is the wine comes from two of the leading estates on the plateau of Pomerol." Some have guessed Château l'Eglise Clinet is in the mix, but that's not for me to confirm or deny. It's a non-vintage wine, but it comes predominantly from the very highly regarded 2018 vintage. The nose is classic Pomerol: spicy and deep, with plummy fruit and a smoothing caress of older oak barrel giving a cedary nuance. In the mouth, more of the same, with palate coating but smooth tannins, that dark fruit weight, and nicely balanced acid to offset the ripe, 14.5% alcohol richness.