(2012) I can't think of many wine producers who would boast - or is that admit - to 'Young Vines' right on the front label of their Pinot; there's a common belief amongst many wine lovers that only old vines make great wine. In fact this is an over simplification. Various viticultural practices can instil quality even in young vines, most importantly making sure the yield of these vigorous youngsters is controlled. What young vines can - and in this case do - bring to the party is a joyous, upfront fruitiness. The colour is a lovely pale garnet and the nose offers authentic, lightly smoky and truffly aromas of woodland and berries. On the palate this is finely-wrought and beautifully fruity, with cherry and summer pudding berries against a background of tobacco and briar, into a fresh, juicy, positively crisp finish. Just lovely.