(2021) Valdivieso were one of the first to attempt a 'super premium' wine from Chile when they launched Caballo Loco #1 almost two decades ago. Mystery surrounds it, being a non vintage wine from unspecified regions, and a blend of 10 different varieties that are never fully disclosed. Some of the wines in this blend date back to 1992, with around 50% from 2012. It is aged for 18 months in French oak. Nicely mature, gamy and in many ways Bordeaux-like on the nose, there is cedar and a peppery, spicy lift, and good black fruit. Smooth as silk on the palate, again the mind turns to Bordeaux, the aged wines ensuring a softer tannin profile, but still keen fruit and acid in balance, glycerine-rich sweetness to the mid-palate fruit, and a harmonious finish. A wine that is unique, very easy to drink, and very easy to like.