(2019) Much fuller and more ripe than the Restless River Cab Sauvignon (tasted alongside and which is a bit of a Cab Franc lookalike), 20% whole clusters were used and the wine aged only in larger oak. Creamy and ripe fruit, a certain density to the aroma, lots of spices and elegant tobacco, touched by Cab Franc leafiness. The palate has such juiciness married to dryness, really dry, but not at all over-extracted, with great, tangy fruit-skin bite and energy.
(2015) 40 year old vineyards grown on shale soils, aged in old French oak barrels. Delightful deep colour but light in texture and extract. A plum and liquorice edge of brightness to this, deliciously plummy and high in acid with fantastic energy. Great depth of flavour.
(2013) 14.5% abv. Subtly rich, deep and creamy, the oak giving a deep sheen and gentle mintiness, even violet, just a touch of chocolate but nothing too showy in terms of the wood. The black fruit is rich and ripe, fleshy on the plate, showing a lovely weight and texture, plenty of sweetness, but a cut and freshness too. The juicy finish is beautifully judged, the oak again tight grained and fresh, though it does have spice and chocolate.
(2013) Nicely earthy, a touch of game and animal quality here, the solid cassis and black fruit with cedary and incense finesse, but mostly about the black fruit. The firmness is there on the palate too, juicy, a big squirt of tart black cherry and blackcurrant, seems to have plenty of acidity and a freshness about the finish despite an impression of fruit sweetness.
(2013) Specialises in Cap Classique sparkling wines. With only 10% abv, this cuvée is made from 100% Chardonnay. More yeasty autolytic notes here than the Wilderkrans, a touch of oak perhaps adding a creaminess and touch of buttery quality. On the palate it is creamier and richer too, with a delicious apple and snap of orange and lemon to the acidity. Stays full, but very nicely dry and crisp, very citrusy and juicy.
(2013) Only 12.68% abv and plenty of aroma here, plenty of lemon verbena and touches of leafiness. The palate is bone dry, and racy, that acid keeping the picture sharp if not complex.
(2013) 14.5% abv and a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Shiraz. Quite freshly spicy, a touch of cedar, the fruit savoury and quite racy on the nose, with a little more vanilla coming through. The palate has really nice balance between sweet, ripe and full fruit and the racy leanness with a bit of tannin, though that is soft and gentle, and decent, with a lot of spice and really nice fresh character.
(2013) 12.5% abv, with plenty of elderflower and thiol character, with a gooseberry freshness and hint of passionfruit. On the palate it has lots of juicy freshness and it is very dry, though perhaps a touch less decisive, a little hint of dilution, but fresh and appetising.
(2013) With a modest 12.6% abv this has a delicate nuttiness and honey, with nothing showy or overt. There's a suggestion that this is very ripe, very fine, and onto the palate it has a lovely balance between fresh, clear, running water clarity and the subtle concentration of the fruit. A touch of lime peel and melon peel, juicy fruit but a resolved clarity and harmony too. A delicate but deliciously drinkable style.
(2013) 15% abv, there's a slightly odd, vegetal and animal notes at first, a bit reductive perhaps, or is it just meatiness and oak character? Blows off, leaving a deep and quite meaty character. On the palate intense sweetness to the fruit, it is big, sweet and creamily ripe stuff, the tannins very ripe and smooth, the finish juicy, a real squirt of cherry to freshen.