(2019) First wine made in barrel, French oak, but older barrels. Subtle apple and cream, a soft lemon curd note and some spice. There is a flood of confit lemon and sweet fruit here, moving into nectarine, with a long finish, balanced by good clean acidity, a twist of saltiness.
(2019) Made in new Hungarian oak, aged for 13 months, and for 2019 will be adding some amphora elements. Partial wild ferment. Free run juice only. Nice tobacco-like, nutty and toasty nose, but certainly plenty of charry oak. The plate has loads of fruit, a really nice burst of lemon rind moving into peach, then a lovely acid balance. Oak could tame down a little, but a lovely wine. No UK retailer at time of review.
(2019) All five Bordeaux varieties, but half of the blend made up of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Barrel aged. A nice bold fruit character, a spice and cedar note to the blackcurrant fruit, well-handled oak, a wine with a chocolate-rich element and good plushness, a long fruity and spicy finish. No UK retailer at time of review.
(2019) Grown on shale and aged in foudre with natural ferment, with a little Hungarian oak barriques. Youthful green-tinged wine, with a bold apple fruited nose, clear and nicely pitched open and refined style, a spangle fruit brightness. The palate is beautifully fruited, a lovely creamy and supple style, the ripe fruit sweetness balanced against delightful fresh acidity, oak just warming he finish.
(2019) Grenache Blanc, Chenin, Roussanne, Chardonnay from bush vines. Chardonnay in new barrels. Quite a deep colour, with marmalade and toast, lots of limey depth. On the palate masses of texture and fruit sweetness, a lovely Burgundian-style wine.
(2019) Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot and Pinotage, this spends 25 months in French oak barrels. The palate has juicy freshness and good fruit, a supple style, the oak well-handled and leaving this plush and fruit-driven.
(2019) Nine months in French oak. Very nice floral lift to this, then a rush of sweet, ripe fruit, lots of chocolate and bittersweet cocoa to match the supple sweet black fruit. Good length and the juicy lemony acidity and the touch of tannic structure giving a nice grip. No UK retailer at time of review.
(2019) Named in memory of the famously cheap and cheerful 'Tassenberg' red wine, one of Pieter's earliest wine memories. It is made from Cinsault grown in Breedekloof, very pale in colour, with a fine, slightly nutty, but crunchy fresh fruit, a little bit of a Beaujolais character, that Beaujolais like quality of bright, super-pure fruit again. Deliciously easy to drink.
(2019) Has developed a nice bit of funk and a little more weight aromatically thatn the 2018, tasted alongside. On the palate lots of juiciness again. Perfectly bright, ripe and tart at the same time.