(2016) Quite high and a little fresh green aroma, wintergreen, with cardomon and liquorice, an ashy quality, highly aromatic. With a silkiness and bold cherry and cassis sweet fruit. Dry tannins and a juicy freshness.
(2016) Quite reductive, lots of smoke and reduced aromas. After a lot of swirling, a tight black fruit character and a touch of olive and briar, with nice tight fruit, quite creamy tannin, and good length again keeping some good freshness.
(2016) Apple fresh with a little creaminess and background nuttiness. The palate pithy and dry, with an apple and melon white fruit character, long and pithy orange finish.
(2016) Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. Quite plush, with a little bacon fat richness, deep fleshy plum fruit and some chocolate. The palate is flooded with plushness and sweet fleshy fruit, and there is coffee and some toast and tobacco warmth, the creaminess of the tannins and sweet fruit against the tart edge of plum skins.
(2016) A blend of 45% Carignan, 26% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Malbec, 6% Carmenere. Deep and plush with lots of sweet creaminess, a little ‘heavier’ than the 2014, but shows how the wine comes together very nicely over a couple of years.
(2013) 13.5%, Screwcap. This Fair Trade wine from Chile's Central Valleys is a strikingly deep colour, as much light red as rosé. Curranty and cherry and blackcurrant filled on the nose, there is a suitable weight and fullness of fruit on the palate too; loads of sweet black and red fruits, hints of spices and a very full-flavoured (and delicious) rosé, but don't come here looking for the pale and genteel style.
(2013) 13.5%, Screwcap. Very attractive raspberry and herb-touched fruit on this organic pink, with a lovely melony freshness. The palate has delicious acid punch, a sour apple and orange and grapefruit blast, making it a really food friendly and savoury rose. Fine.
(2011) Aged in French and American oak for 10 months, there's a touch of tomato-leaf to this, and solid black fruit softened by a smidgeon of oak. On the palate the fruit is sweet but savoury too, that little hint of olive-like underripeness quite authentically Bordeaux-like, with spice and a touch of tobacco rounding things out. Balanced and food-friendly, this drinks very nicely.
(2010) From the Central Valleys this is quite bold, with a cherry skin edge and red liquorice. The palate has delightfully full, sweet fruit, but retains very good varietal character, with cassis and a nice hint of leafiness, and very good balance. A delightfully drinkable style, but also food-friendly with a touch of tannin and acidity.
(2010) 13%, Central Valley, Screwcap. Pleasantly passionfruit and lightly tropical nose, with a peachy juiciness on the palate and a tangy finish showing lemon and grapefruit zip.