(2011) A balanced, modern style yet showing some rustic charm.
(2009) Slightly vague nose, with a touch of green character and decent fruit. On the palate fruity and straightforward, but with overdosed residual sugar leaving it spicy, fruity but a touch cloying.
(2009) Black olives and a touch of dried fruit: fig and prune, with a little paintboxy, inky character. On the palate the sweetness of the fruit is good, filling the mouth and just showing a little spicy, vanilla oak that is rather prominent, but adds a mellow quality to quite a long finish.
(2009) Lovely chocolate and blackcurrant fruit, with real plushness and richness. Palate seems to be dry though there is 6g/l of sugar here, but the acidity, concentration of fruit and the long, spicy finish is lovely.
(2009) Slightly oily, pear drop aromas, a touch of pear skin grip. Palate is quite fresh with a green apple bite.
(2009) Harvested a little late, but 15% potential alcohol vinified to only 11% gives almost 60g/l of residual sugar. Lovely nose is very delicate and floral, with very ripe apple and pear aromas. The palate has delicious sweetness, with a little waxiness and very ripe Ogen melon. Long and delightfully fresh.
(2009) Nice fresh nose, with a touch of herbal and floral quality to quite bright fruit. Pear droppy again. The palate has good freshness and plenty of peachy and pear-skin fruit. Long and flavourful.
(2009) Italian Riesling, 13% alcohol, all produced locally. Fairly neutral nose, with a little apple and waxy melon rind notes. The palate is very full-bodied and rich, which along with the ripe fruit gives sensation of being sweeter than its 3.8% residual sugar. Very flavoursome and easy to drink, with a citrussy tang to the finish.
(2009) French oak touches of light toast and nuttiness. A little Cox's pippin nuttiness and apple, with the palate having nice, sweet fruit and slightly more concentration that the young vines Byzantyum.
(2009) A much cooler, slightly leafier, lime and nettle-streaked nose. The palate has just a tiny bit of roundness from 10% barrique fermentation, but there's an inherent finesse and crispness to this - better parcels and different vintage? - and a beautifully delineated finish.