(2020) Meaty, dark, not quite as expressive and open as the 30-year-old, the palate a hugely concentrated but comparatively monolithic wine, chocolate and caramel, that tang of Seville orange marmalade, shellac and immense length and concentration. Magnificent and profound stuff without any doubt, though the 30-year-old has more accommodating charms. Several merchants offer this in-bond, by the six-bottle case
(2020) With an average age of 12 years, this is a limited edition presented in a facsimile historic bottle.   Not so expressive on the nose as the 10-year-old perhaps, a sweet, clean spirit but relatively straightforward with tangy dry acids and soft tannins.
(2020) Light pinky-gold and basically dry, a little meaty character, dry figgy notes, a touch smoky. The palate dry and intense, searing acidity, a lovely bracing lick of saltiness in a quite complex and fascinating white Port.
(2020) Unusual to find an organic Port, and this has a very pure and fruit-driven nose, a nice lift and higher set of aromas, floral and ashy. Very silky and pure on the palate, a sheen of mellow old oak and shellac over pure and vibrant fruit. Tangy and ripe, lots of lip-smacking tannin and acidity in the long finish. A really terrific ruby.
(2020) Bottled 2015, there’s a lovely vinous vintage character to this, a richness and rounded, solid fruit concentration, but the freshness flows through on the palate. Lightened by the acidity and dry tannin structure, this has fruit and generosity but balance too. A lovely style.
(2020) Not so fruit forward or plush as the Taylor's, a savoury character with more black fruit, ash, and the palate dry and savoury despite the lovely and slightly more tart character of the blackcurrant sweetness. Long and elegantly juicy in the finish and very fine.
(2020) A youthful solidity to this, pure, vinous plum and cherry black fruits, gorgeous silkiness and the sheer concentration of the components - fruit, tannin and acid - are going to give this terrific longevity surely. Price quoted is per bottle, but most retailers are offering in-bond, and by the six-bottle case at time of review.
(2020) More solid colour than the Taylor's 10-year-old, lots of caramel and luscious richness here, the rich red fruits enlivened by good acidity, lovely tang and juiciness.
(2020) Lovely plump creamy fruit here, more red fruits and a touch of vanilla or toffee. Beautifully fresh and fruity on the palate, The purity of the fruit glides across the mid-palate, fine cocoa and cherry acids to balance.
(2020) Beautiful developed nose, all sorts of tarry and floral tertiary aromas, an ethereal lightness. Vanilla and anise wrap the red fruits on the palate, a harmonious and long wine, the grip of the tannins and spirit, balanced acidity, and purity of fruit all really charming.