(2019) 100% Riesling from Elgin, trained up a single pole as is common in Mosel and other parts of Germany. Beautifully clear and expressively Riesling, the florals and crunchy apple, the palate dry and mineral, but a lovely refinement. Sweet and concentrated fruit, that streaking pithy lemon acidity. Lovely wine.
(2019) Named in honour of the Roman emperor responsible for introducing Viognier to the Rhône Vally apparently, this is a golden-coloured wine, fermented and aged in small barrels (a proportion new). It has biscuit-touched aromas, a slightly bigger style than the Rose Quartz, but not without elegance, smoky and spicy, but a lovely full and succulent mid-palate, loads of sweet fruit and creaminess.  Not in the UK at time of review.
(2019) Sourced from the Elgin Valley, this wine is aged in old oak barrels for seven months. Lovely Viognier perfume here, peach, apricot and gently smoky. Full palate, lowish acidity, excellent spice, a lovely clarity here on the white peach spectrum. Not in the UK at time of review.
(2019) 25-year-old bush vines here, and the blend is 40% unoaked, the rest was aged in large French barrels. Lovely colour again, aromas slightly meatier, coffee-touched, but that exotic spice and floral perfume does come through. A richer, sweeter, more rounded fruit character than the Naudé Cinsault tasted alongside, but once again the acid is glorious, spices and bright red fruits into the finish.
(2019) Lovely waxy, lemon rind quality, lanolin and hints of butteriness in this cool Elgin Semillon. There is a creamy smokiness too in the background from some French oak. Packed with orange and orange blossom notes, that sheer and dry lemony acidity drives this lovely wine.
(2019) A really fruity and deep Cab Franc from Elgin, aged in older French oak. Silky deep fruit, fabulous black fruit depth with a touch of resinous, almost Porty ripeness and lift, but has lots of umami savoury character, and such a svelte, sweet finish and silky texture.  Also tasted was the 2016, which was perfumed and dark, with a bittersweet cocoa slickness. Possibly one point better.
(2019) From Elgin fruit on red slate soils, not disimilar to many of the Mosel's great vineyards according to Jessica. This is just - just - off-dry with its 7.5g/l of residual sugar.  Lovely aromatics, perfumed and floral with lots of zippy lemon, the confit lemon and fresher zesty notes set against that almost imperceptible hint of sweetness.
(2017) A strict selection of Elgin’s best quality vineyards. From fertile chalky soils. A nice medium style, aromatic with some exotic fruit, a little squeeze of lemon and a lovely crisp palate, lots of juicy, quite exotic lychee and mango, but the dry pear fruit and touches of chalky mineral acidity add another dimension. Also bottled extensively in 50cl.
(2015) Shannon's blend of five different clones of Merlot from France and northern Italy. Has terrific fruit brightness and cherry and red plum, the gentle cedar and intense concentration. This has massive concentration and energy on the palate, yet without any over extraction. Spicy and fruity.
(2015) Lifted and gamy with loads of ripe black fruit and creamy, very solid but beautifully plush and moreish. Long and creamy in the finish. 71% Cabernet Sauvignon and 29% Merlot.