(2019) Barrel-fermented and aged for 10 months in bigger, older oak. Lovely Brazil nut and buttery touches here, the fruit is citrussy with a bit of that melon skin and lime peel, almost waxy character. The palate is taut and juicy, nothing showy here, but that taut, intense character extends to the finish.
(2019) Whole bunches are pressed into barrel for fermentation, followed by 16 months in oak. There's a lovely wild yeast light earth and toast to this, a very dry slightly nutty and herby but not herbaceous character. The bracing, saline character of the palate is delightfully mouth-watering, and though the fruit is fat and lemony, the whole picture is tensioned by that acidity and hint of greenness. Imported by Alliance Wines, but I cannot see a retail stockist at time of review.
(2019) From Elim fruit, there's a very crunchy apple and Asian pear firmness to the aromas, barely a hint of herbaceous character. The palate has a rosy red apple crunch and juiciness. Loads of mineral saltiness and yes there is a little green streak. Beautifully clear and mouthfilling, but super fresh.
(2015) 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the cool coastal Elim area, this is bold and juicy stuff with terrific lemon and lime zest - quite different from the 2013 also tasted, with much stricter focus but gorgeous length and authority. A cold mountain shower in a glass.
(2015) Bold cherry and a touch of sweet chocolaty ripeness. Little bloody streak of Syrah character and such a fine, dry but supple tannins in the finish. Delicious stuff, fresh with acidity and energy.
(2015) A 50/50 blend of the two varieties, made in 500-litre barrels. Fabulous nose, I just love the bold citrus and the hints of sweet nectarine flesh and juice, so much juicy freshness and yet delicacy, with gossamer acidity. Deliciously smart winemaking: bursting with easy fruit but tight a drum.
(2010) Elim fruit ("place of God" from the old testament). Fantastically vibrant nose, with quite delicate pea-shoot and leafy green herb notes. Lovely fresh citrus fruit, with lots of finesse.
(2003) Rather delicate, precise, passion fruit and gooseberry-edged nose. Greengage and lemon dominate the palate, and though this is poised and fine, it perhaps lacks some character at the price.