(2016) A gentle, very nicely approachable wine, this is Sangiovese from Emilia-Romanga, and a fine expression of Sangiovese at its most Pinot-like, all tobacco and cherry, a touch of light gaminess, and mellow to the core. In the mouth it is medium-bodied and fresh, so nicely walking the line between sweet fruit openess and really quite a tight structural framework.
(2009) Dark and vinous, there are notes of cherry and crushed blackberry and blueberry to this wine. On the palate the fruit strikes more sweetly than the nose suggests, with and intense kirsch-like fruitiness before a really dark and liquoricy bittersweet twist begins to grow on the mid-palate. Sinewy and even verging on the austere, but in a good way making this a food-friendly, savoury wine that seems honest and forthright with grippy tannins and good acidity.
(2009) In the hands of the Drei Donà family since the 19th century, this estate has been moved steadily upward in quality under current owner Count Claudio Drei Donà, and this top wine is made from old-vine Sangiovese aged in French oak tonneaux and barrique for 18 months. It has a lovely nose, with dark, cherry, raisin and blackcurrant fruit infused with incense and a touch of tobacco. On the palate the fruit is really very sweet and elegant, a firm, fine tannin structure keeping an edge through the mid-palate and balancing acidity extending the finish. There's a real vivacity to this wine.
(2009) This 100% Sangiovese from Emilia-Romagna is matured in French oak barriques and has a voluptuously smooth aroma, with tobacco and mulled wine spices melding into plum and deep, ripe cherry fruit. On the palate that underpinning of sweet, smoky, chocolaty oak supports very good fruit, with plenty of plush, ripe flavours, but also quite fresh and edgy thanks to brisk acidity and a bit of grippy tannin. There's a lot of spice and charry toast in the finish, but the fruit and acidity stands up well leading into a long, deliciously balanced finish.
(2009) There is clearly a big influence from new French oak on this wine with plenty of exotic spice, Sandalwood and cedary notes over quite plush, tobacco-infused black fruit. On the palate this is broad-textured and mouth-filling, with a lush weight of black berry fruits and plenty of swirling, smoky, deep and charry notes. The tannins are robust and add to the chewy density. Acidity is a little overpowered by these, but does add a welcome cut and edge to the finish. A big, plush, modern style this, but the quality is very good.
(2009) A wine that has attained the prestigious Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso, this is aged in new barriques. There is rich black fruit on the nose, but also a gamy undertone, with earth and leather, and a cedary edge. The palate is a bittersweet symphony, with liquorice and tart cherry acidity, striking, lean tannins and edgy black fruit combining to be quite linear and sinewy in the mouth. This is similarly confident and modern to the 'Avi' above, but retains more savoury bite and juicy structure.
(2009) Reckoned to be amongst the elite of Emilia-Romagna, previous editions of this wine have scored in the 90s with top US critics. This cuvée from winemaker Cristina Geminiani is made in the best years (this is the 10th release since 1985) from 25-year-old Sangiovese. It is immediately rich and ripe, with a touch of Porty lift and density, and sweet, solid black fruit married to savoury oak. On the palate that bloody, gamy density comes through, with the sweet fruit melding into muscular tannin, and the fleshiness of the mid-palate nicely tempered by a juicy, tangy, cherry-skin acidity. Delightful stuff this.
(2009) Cropped low from 40-year-old vines, cuvée Thea is Tre Monti's best Sangiovese, aged 12 months in new Alliers oak barriques. It has an opulently creamy nose, where tobacco and cigar smoke swirl through dense, glossy black fruits. This is plush, modern and displays plenty of charry oak. On the palate that opulence and layered, lush, velvety impression is reinforced, with masses of spice and cedar to bold, thick, sweet and creamy black fruit. It has some structure, but this is all about immediate gratification, which it certainly achieves.
(2009) There's no doubting the seriousness of the intent here, with the super-heavy bottle, expensive French oak ageing and, indeed, Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso in 2008. And there is no disappointment in the glass as a soaring nose of Sandalwood and clove, thick, sweet black fruit and swirling, charcoally woodsmoke positively leaps from the glass. On the palate this has the richness of the cuvée Thea from Tre Monti, but adds in a terrific, supple juiciness and slightly wild, animal notes that add layers of interest. It is chocolaty and deep into the finish, with grip and structure. Pretty impressive.
(2009) This IGT is a blend of 85% Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. There's a distinctly meaty, bloody character on the nose, with spices and tobacco. On the palate this is a powerfully, almost aggressively tannic wine, with the sweetness of the very ripe, blackcurranty fruit slightly overpowered by spices and liquoricy tannins which just shorten the finish slightly.