(2018) This rosé from the island of Evia is made from 100% Mavrokoudoura, a new variety for me, and is a medium- to pale-coloured peachy-pink with intriguing aromatics that are quite ripe and lychee, or passion fruit-like, but something stony and gravelly too. In the mouth it is bone dry and grippy, a big grapefruity hit of sour citrus and acidity, this has mouth-watering presence, some pulpy strawberry character soon swept along in the acidity of the finish. Different, and plenty of personality here.
(2018) In many ways I enjoyed this blend of Viognier and Assyrtiko (with 5% Muscat) as much as any in the Avantis range, so full of vibrant luscious fruit, but never losing that typically saline edge of acidity. From the island of Evia, the Muscat gives a charming floral nuance to the peachy-ripe, quite exotic Viognier aromas, then there is real weight and creamy texture on the palate, those tropical fruit tones squeezed into a long citrus and salts acidity in the finish. Long, tangy, aperitif wine or seafood friendly yet again.
(2018) From hilly regions of Evia and Viotia, this is a blend of Merlot with Vradiano, an indigenous variety particularly associated with the island of Evia. Soft, not terribly aromatic, but with a plummy depth of fruit and a little herbal twang. In the mouth pleasantly sweet-fruited, though a little short, the finish just a touch abrupt as acidity and roughening edge of tannin bites.
(2018) A Rhônish blend of Grenache and Syrah, this has a really polished and appealing nose, a subtle creaminess to black fruit and a sour cherry depth suggesting it will have some edge to it too. In the mouth a little charriness, but a lovely sweet and full fruited palate, black fruit creaminess but also enough tart cherry raspberry freshness, a bittersweet touch of endive to the acidity, and a finish that's considerably longer than the 'Harmony' red. Very nice, substantial, yet refined.