(2019) From one of Croatia's leading producers of traditional method sparkling wines, this is a blend of mostly Malvasia, with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which spends 12 months on lees. I believe this is made from a 2013 base. The colour is quite a deep yellow/gold, and the bubbles of moderate size, but persistent. On the nose lots of toast and brioche, the buttery weight of Malvasia as well as the ageing I think, good autolysis. In the mouth there's a sweet initial attack, the mousse fine and racy, dissipating quite quickly to leave a broad citrus and quite succulent yellow plum fruit, finishing with very good balance and length.
(2016) On a visit to Croatia a few years ago I was very impressed by a number of wines made from this Istrian version of Malvasia. Unoaked and dazzlingly fresh, this is all about cool, salt-licked mineral, citrus and taut apple freshness, medium-bodied and quite delicate, and yet there's a steeliness and a concentration about it, a sense of grip and a little spice too, making it very gastronomic.
(2015) Malvasia is one of the most important white grapes of Croatia, this one made in a light style, with only 12.5% alcohol. Blossom and peach down on the nose, leading to a palate that is riven with citrusy acidity, yet has that stone-fruit and ripe apple softness, a hint of sweetness, though a dry and fresh finish with a hint of spice and salts. Highly drinkable as an aperitif or with fish and shellfish. £7.50, The Wine Society.
(2007) Still has that creamy mint humbug and vanillin overlay, but rather more fragrance and floral highlights. The palate has more life and brightness, with an orangy tangy of fruit and acidity, a touch of lime and a much fresher palate. This is juicy and fresh, and a much better wine, which ?? thinks is the product of the vintage.
(2007) Very dense, creamy, toffee and buttered toast nose, with a depth of rounded, baked banana and spice. Very complex and layered. The palate is mouth-filling and creamy, like vanilla and toffee, but then a really good pear and ripe, juicy apple fruit and acidity comes through. This is a fairly rounded, lowish acid style, but has lovely balance.
(2007) 25 days skin contact, two and a half years in barrels. More subdued than the 200 perhaps, but there is ginger and toffee, and a touch of honeycomb and crunchie bar. There's a lovely fruit quality here, with bright tangerine and orange coming through, with that apple fruitiness and acidity holding on very well in this hot vintage.
(2007) Refosco means "king of reds". In the middle of malo. Vibrant colour. Quite a bold, cherry fruited nose.
(2007) Very vivid crimson colour, with a creamy blackberry and vivid cherry fruit, with little violet cream nuances. The palate has plenty of pretty fruit, with a slightly herbal note, and plenty cherry lift and acid brightness. A very crisp, fruity style.
(2007) 100% Refošk. Very nice, bright pastille fruit. And a bit of glossy cassis. Big, dry palate, with cherry and a bright food quality.
(2007) This is a brightly focused, forward and fruity style, with really nicely managed oak adding a soft and supple vanilla. Quite long, and again that crisp, cherry and mineral acidity adding real freshness and bite.

Cotar, Malvasia 2003, Kras Valley, Slovenia, Dry White