(2019) I have notes on half a dozen Kalecik Karasi wines in my database, unanimously positive, for the Kalecik variety is the speciality of Turkey's Karasi region, the vineyards in this case at 1150 metres in altitude. It pours the pale ruby colour I expect, and as is so often the case, immediately reminds me of Pinot Noir with a rhubarb and beetroot note, but also beautifully ripe summer red fruits, pomegranate and a hint of earthy spice too. On the palate it is a little firmer than others I've tried, a real endive/chicory-like stripe of bittersweetness that puckers the mouth. There's a dry nuttiness too, and that keen-edged, tart raspberry fruit, but the grainy tannins and that assertive bittersweet note give it lip-tingling length.
(2012) Burgundy springs to mind on first sniff of this wine, from its pale colour and gently leafy, autumn berry character, to its lovely fresh black fruit crunch. The oak is nicely handled, adding a touch of cappuccino on the palate, and this has a lovely, long, lingering berry and cream finish that is deliciously bright. A real find and genuinely enjoyable.
(2012) Bright, rich, perhaps a touch chewy in the tannin and plenty of acidity that adds drinkability, but perhaps slightly short the finish in this company.