(2010) Leyda Fruit. 40% aged in French oak. Briary and raspberry fruit, with some tight, charcoally edges. Really nice, bold fruit. Very good quality. Lovely bright, fine, raspberry fruit on the palate.
(2010) Five percent of the blend was fermented in old barrels, but the nose retains fabulous green bean, almost austere aromas of piercing fruit and herb quality, the palate hinting at tropical sweetness but then the torrent of acidity sweeps through. Fireworks and fabulous.
(2010) Beautifully fragrant roses and kirsch nose. Beautiful wine, delightful strawberry and raspberry brightness, rosy red apples and terrific acidity. A cracking rose. £9.50, The Wine Society
(2010) Leyda fruit. More cool-climate, passion fruit character, a bit more punch and ripeness. But still that apple, melon and citrus fruit and tempered quality.
(2010) West-facing block with fewer hours of sun and lower temperatures. Harvested late. 10 months in French oak, 15% new. Very herbal, floral nose, with a hint of geranium, light, herby cherry fruit. The palate bursts into life with lovely, bright, keen-edged fruit with lots of cut and life, very nice acids and just a smooth suggestion of ripeness and chocolate in the finish.
(2010) North-east block, with more heat and light. Low yielding and selected twice, in vineyard and winery. Open fermented, 20% new oak, all aged 10 months in oak. Quite creamy, with cherry and more plummy fruit. A little vanilla, but also a savoury black olive note. The palate has more weight than the las Brisas, with a more plummy fruit, and a cool, quite chocolaty finish. £11.95, The Wine Society
(2010) One kilogramme per plant yield, long pre-ferment cold maceration, punching down in open top fermenters. 10 months in oak, 20% new. Dark, more earthy and brooding concentration. Quite bold fruit and a touch of something smoky and herbal, like sage leaves. The palate has more tannin than the other cuvees, with a grippy core and good acidity, and a deep, structured fruit. That hint of leafiness is still there, helping to add freshness. £17.50, The Wine Society
(2010) Very low yielding, encouraging lots of freshness in the vineyard with open canopy and bunches. Picked last. Meaty, extremely smoky nose, like smoked sausage. A hint of green. On the palate a dense texture and fruit quality, though there is good tannin. Lacks a little fruit for me and that smoky meatiness is slightly distracting.
(2010) A blend of two clones - one from Davis and one from France. The former gives tropical aromas, the latter gives citric and finesse, The nose has a rich, ripe, almost liniment-like quality, with some soft herbs and seeds and a background of mango-like, tropical fruit. The palate has a powerful, skinny weight and texture, with plenty of acidity, but a richness of flavour and bit of phenolic grip. "Made with a philosophy of being drunk with a nice plate of food - iodine flavours of seafood".
(2010) 1,000 cases. Exactly the same grapes as the unoaked Sauvignon, but fermented in 100% new Taransud oak given a heavy, sweet toast. Gently nutty, seed-cake notes, touches of honey and fig. The palate has real sweetness of fruit, layered with a little vanilla, even notes of cream. Some green bean too, with lots of punch and brightness. A certain waxiness to this, and a big burst of orangy acidity - even a touch of marmalade, and a warming hint of toast in the finish.