(2021) Fruit from the cooler-climate valley, San Antonio and the Lo Abarca sub-zone only five kilometres from the ocean. This spends 24 months in oak, 35% new and is very much Syrah rather than Shiraz, on the cool, more herbal, Northen Rhône spectrum with only 12% alcohol. Winemaker Felipe Marin, son of the founder, describes the landscape as 'radical' with management of the vineyards necessary on an almost block by block basis - different soils, aspects and micro-climates. This from a granite block. Very much on the herbal and undergrowth spectrum, there's a hint of cocoa and darker fruit, but that herbal quality of curry leaf and bay is fascinating. There is really notable acidity on the palate - again that granitic crunch - but the svelte, compact fruit and tannins, and the juiciness of the acidity, really is lovely. Striking.
(2013) Coolest region of all with 1000 GDD and a diurnal range of 11.3ºC. 14% ABV. Lying quite close to Leyda, but only four kilometres from the Pacific, this vineyard enjoys only 900 degree days per season. Shallow soils on granite. This aged Sauvignon Blanc (from 2003) has a golden hue with primrose yellow at the core. It has some honeyed development, rather oxidised, but nutty and with a certain minerality too. It is very lemony and lean on the palate, and having lost its vitality, is still nervy, steely and I rather enjoyed it (more than others in the room).