(2010) A blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Syrah, half of which was barrel-aged for nine months. Tight black fruit, a touch of blackcurrant and herbal, earthy tones. The palate has beautiful sweetness and focus - a great seam of black fruit running through, edged with olive and savoury meaty notes, but lovely balance and style.
(2010) I have to say this Sauvignon from Maule, rarely cited as a Sauvignon Blanc hotspot in Chile, is a cracker. Beautifully fragrant with intense peach fruit, a touch of tropical lychee and just the merest hint of anything grassy, it floods over the palate with that peach and pineapple ripeness, but tempered and cajoled by a lovely acidity that pushes through, over a creamy texture, to leave this satisfyingly rich, but pin-sharp.
(2010) Around 25% aged on year in new French oak, the remainder in older French oak. Really lovely, ripe, quite glossy fruit here, with cassis and thick, sweet black berries. Gentle, smoky toastiness in the background. Lovely fruit sweetness and very soft tannins, there's an almost creamy strawberry fruit to this and a very soft, chocolaty finish. Delicious and fresh in the finish.
(2010) Picked a full month before the Carmenère. Bright, creamy red berries. A touch of cigar box and incense spice, a touch of pepper. The palate is well-balanced and fine, with a nicely racy character. Fresh in the finish, though lacks a touch of flesh perhaps, but balanced and delicious.
(2010) Rich, thick, sweet black fruit, with a cedary character and a real gamy, meaty edge again. This has lovely fruit sweetness and a rich, chewy texture. The oak is dark and coffeeish, and the soft but quite grippy, sinewy tannins add nice freshness along with good acidity.
(2010) Maule. Modest apple and lemony fruit, with just a touch of herbaceousness, but not terribly expressive. Nice palate, with sweet, easy fruit and a nice burst of Sauvignon bite and vivacity.
(2010) Maule. 90% Shiraz, 10% merlot. Boldly fruity with soft strawberry fruit. Quite creamy and easy, the fruit on the palate having a nice weight and balance, being easy to drink but fresh and appetising.
(2010) Maule. 60% CS, 25% Carmenère, 15% Syrah. Nice, big, powerfully earthy black fruit nose, with a touch of rustic, herbal character. The palate has a certain raciness, the fruit earthy and berried, with good balance. Simple, easy drinking stuff with a bit of oaky depth and structure.
(2009) I have a real soft spot for Valdivieso, who turn out consistently excellent wines that are sometimes rather under-appreciated I feel. This 14.5% alcohol Pinot Gris has a subtle but power-packed nose, with hints of almond and stone fruit aromas of pear and apple, and a touch of melon. On the palate this has grip and presence, the weight of the taut, mineral-edged fruit a fair counterpoint to a big, concentrated wine. This one needs food I think, to tame its brawny presence a little.
(2008) Pleasant, though with a slightly stripped out feel. Not sure if this is quite right.