(2011) Very straightforward it seems, with lots of toasty and sweet apricot fruit, good acidity but a real tangy finish, with pithy grapefruit that lifts this, giving it great verve and punch in the finish and that natural concentration. 89
(2011) 80% Petit Courbu, 20% Gros Manseng, aged in 600-litre barrels for around one year. Quite a deep, golden colour. Lots of honey and nutty aromas, a Brazil nut fat and lovely sense of opulence. On the palate it has huge concentration, with lots of volume in the mouth, but retaining beautiful apple acidity. A wine that is still for sale.
(2011) Still a deep, golden hue, but not so dark. More lifted, floral and pineapple tones, and a real exotic ripeness. The fruit has real opulence and sweetness on the mid-palate, and delicious ripe pear acidity that is still pithy and grapefruity.
(2011) Deep golden colour again, with a nutty, straw-like aroma. Plenty of slightly raw wood too, with vanilla and a touch of resinous quality. On the palate that thrilling orange and lemon zest freshness, with rich mouth-feel.
(2011) Lovely nose, lots of mellow honey and nut notes, the barley sugar richness and dryness offset by a lovely glacé fruit quality, an almost pineapply sense of richness and concentration then terrific acidity. Long and beautifully mysterious and wreathed in smoky ripeness.
(2011) Deliciously tangy, sweet fruit with masses of pear and orange fruitiness and a deep nectarine quality. Oak fills in softly with vanilla, but delightful natural concentration and tangy grapefruit and orange acidity. This vineyard is in its second year of conversion to organic farming and this cuvée comes from the second pass through the vineyard.
(2011) 50% Gros Manseng 50% with Petit Manseng and Petit Courbu 25%, this comes from 50-year-old vines on gravelly clay, harvested at the start of October. Half is vinified in tank, half in new oak barriques. Lots of nutty, lightly oxidised style here, with tight, elderflower and greengage fruitiness and the palate that delivers a lemony, dry punch. Lots of extract and that nuttiness comes through. Dry, uncompromising food-friendly stuff.
(2011) Youthful, juicy, the grapefruit and tangerine tang fills the nose and mouth, with perhaps a slightly more open-textured character, but the tight, searing acidity comes through.
(2011) Big dried fruit nose, almost ripe sultana notes, plenty of that apricot character. Gentle vanilla smokiness too. Delightful palate with some barley sugar sweetness and that apricot depth, but again, lovely acidity, with a big tangerine tang that braces the palate.
(2011) Harvested between 20th and 24th December, this is super sweet, glycerine-rich stuff with a real dried apricot flavour and fabulous intensity again. That decisive orange acidity and the nectarine and apricot richness is fabulous.