(2018) Lidl's summer 2018 'Wine Tour' saw a parcel of wines enter stores on July 26th. On sale while stocks last, this is a Riesling from the top German region of the Rheingau, where drier styles are something of a specialism. There's a touch of beeswax and classic flint and petrol of Riesling on the nose, over clear lime and apple fruit. In the mouth that dry, apple and pear core acidity is super-fresh, whilst the fruit is citrussy and bright, hinting at sweetness before that dry, balanced finish.  Watch the video for more information, and also note the Grüner-Veltliner 'Granit' 2017 from Domäne Wachau, also £8.99 in the Wine Tour, is another top pick.
(2014) >From the Rheingau, this is just a brilliant Riesling - brilliant in all senses of the word, from its burstingly fresh aroma to its explosively fruity palate. It's 'trocken' which means dry, and with 12% alcohol certainly most of the sugar has been fermented here. The nose sings with summer meadows, crunchy ripe apples and zesty lemon, before a palate that is pristine and cool as a cucumber, yet with plenty of fruity punch and a dazzling citrus finish. Just delicious with a creamy risotto.
(2010) Delightfully, delicate, subtle yet precise nose, with confit lemon character and an underlying nectarine sweetness. The palate is just a smidgeon off dry, with lovely balance, the long, shimmering finish balanced between sweet fruit, a lime zest and cleansing, salty acidity. 10.5% alcohol.
(2009) Fine, steely, very precise nose, with some minerality and just a lovely burgeoning sense of something more peachy and ripe in the backg round. Fantastic acidity too, that powerful minerality giving this lovely tension and drama in the mouth.
(2008) Bottled in screwcap, this has a very fine and refined minerality on the nose, with little exotic fruit hints in amongst tangy apple skin and little salty notes. Lovely palate, with a fine sweetness and lovely ripe pear and some flowery, ogen melon notes. Beautiful acidity and shimmering length. Delightful.
(2006) A little sous-bois note of damp vegetation, with some waxy nectarine skins and pear skin notes. On the palate it is smooth and savoury, with a bite of lemon and lime pithy acid fruit. There's just a hint of sweetness there, probably from the sweeter fruit, but the crisp delineation of the acidity makes this finish dry and crisp.
(2006) Alte Reben means old vines. At one time the wines of the Berg were more expensive than Grand Cru Burgundy. A lot of minerality on the nose here, and bruised apple and slightly herbal qualities. There's a waxiness, but minerals drive this wine. On the palate there's a great deal of power, but a poised, lean fruit quality with an almost endive or chicory note, and again that sweetness of fruit just adding a touch of light and shade to a dry, mineral, herbal finish.
(2006) A much purer lemon and lime fruit quality, but again with wax and a pear skin minerality and apple. On the palate there's a blast of pure lemon juicy, racy acidity and fruit, but there is a touch of enriching residual sugar just to fatten and take the edge of the lean, focused minerality of the finish. Very fine and elegantly racy.
(2006) Grey slate soils. One day cold maceration. There's a tiny note of honey and a richness in this wine, which fermented to April in old wooden casks, losing 2% of alcohol during that time. Having been harvested at 120 Oeschlese. Beautiful fruit balance on the palate. Definitely off dry, with a core of very pure fruit, and a hugely racy and steely backbone of minerality. There is a constrained weight and fruitiness here that will surely broaden and soften into a beautiful wine.

Josef Leitz, Riesling Rüdesheimer Kabinett 2005, Rheingau, Germany, Semi-Sweet
(2006) From a much richer loam soil, this is fine on the nose too, with fresh, quite grapy flavours and plenty of fine stone fruit aromas. Fine, crisp, elegant fresh sherbetty fruit with lemon and lime and plenty of sweetness. There's a suggestion of tangerine and orange, with just beautifully poised acidity and a lovely, dazzling fresh and fruity finish. A beauty.