(2001) Aromas of sherbet, bubblegum and confectionery, sweet and floral, but with a mineral hint. Juicy, tangy citrus fruit and a dry finish.
(2001) Waxy notes precede minerals and a hint of sweet, tropical fruit. Crunchy green apple freshness on the palate, finishing with mouthwatering acidity. Modern in style, appealing, and very good.
(2001) Pleasant nose with some sherbetty, mineral character if a little subdued. Decent apple and ripe pear fruit, but not as good as the previous wine.
(2001) This adds a leafy, waxy, herbal edge and complexity to beautifully fine, sweet fruit. On the palate a rich mouth-feel and lovely sweetness with notes of syrup and finely-wrought white fruits into a long finish.
(2001) There are notes of honey and fig immediately suggesting botrytis, with a lovely candied yam quality. Very rich and unctuous on the palate with a juicy, sweet nectarine and ripe mango fruitiness, but maintained and lengthened into the finish by fine acidity.
(2001) Lightly honeyed nose with little peach kernal nuances and lots of fat, sweet, plump fruit that is pillowy and peachy. The palate shows nectarine and rich tropical fruit, and though full and wrapped in sweetness, an elegant acidity balances and it finishes with great style.
(2000) Not sure just how limited this is, but I'd rush out and try a bottle soon if you think you'd like the style. Similar profile to the regular cuvée, but adds a very luscious mouthfeel and bags more buttery, creamy pineapple fruit on the palate.
(2000) Dry salt and mineral tangyness on the nose with refined notes of apricot and apple. Palate is soft and sweet, quite rich and full-bodied with good balance.
(2000) Organic wine estate. Herbal quality on the nose. Very dry palate of green apples and a mineral acidity. Simple and quite good.
(2000) Cool, light and lemon-fresh nose with a little overlay of sweeter, almost tropical lushness. These really show up in the finish, resulting in a crowd-pleasing Riesling that adds guava and ripe melon to citrus freshness.