(2022) Juhfark is a grape native to Hungary, this made with some skin contact and spontaneous fermentation in big barrels where it aged for 11 months. Some of the barrels were acacia rather than oak, and though I looked for anything reminiscent of acacia honey, I didn't really find it. There is however a nice genrous fruitiness, touch of oatmeal and suggestion of some weight on the nose. In the mouth lovely sweetness of ripe lemony fruit, some peach or nectarine skin grip and tartness as well as flavour, and a long finish sparked by sherbetty acidity. Personality+.
(2022) Furmint aged 12 months in 1000-litre acacia barrels, with 9g/l of residual sugar. Spontaneous fermentation. The sugar disappeares dramatically here in a powerful and fleshy wine that offers some custard apple and peach aromas and fruit on the palate, plenty of chewy texture and acidity, the sweetness detectable right on the finish, but only because it balances lots of powerful flavour and personality.
(2016) Flirting with 'natural wine' in concept and execution, this is made from the Juhfark variety, grown biodynamically on the volcanic soils of Somló in Hungary. Golden hued, honeyed stuff, with apricot and walnut, creamy and ripe, and very seductive. The volcanic soils give terrific precision and bright acidity, but the palate shows a touch of mint humbug, concentration and absolutely delicious balance. Shimmering, fresh, but substantial, different and delicious.