(2022) Sometimes it's nice to not take life too seriously, and this fun wine also fits with a dry(ish) January theme. Though it comes from Spain, we're in the ballpark of Moscato d'Asti here with this pink, lightly sparkling wine with distinct floral aromas, some sweetness and just 5% alcohol. There's a forthy strawberry sherbet nose, and the palate is deliciously full of summery berry fruit, but the acid is actually very well balanced, so it is neither cloying nor clumsy. Nicely done. Only £4.29 as part of a mixed case. Watch the video for more information.
(2013) 12.0%, Screwcap. This and the wine that follows from SPAR are both non-vintage wines that do not specify their grape varieties on the label. The slightly paler of the two, this from Spain's eastern coast has a touch of floral and exotic fruit lift on the nose and a clean if dilute fruitiness on the palate. Fairly dry and nice fresh.