(2022) A lovely Prosecco this, biodynamic and fermented with natural yeasts, the fruit comes 40 to 50-year-old vines. Extra Brut with only a fe grammes of residual sugar, it's a super clean, super fresh style, taut and lean (in a very good way), hinting at frwsh-sliced pear on the nose and palate, riven with crunchy and tart apple acidity, and a really lo Ely, precise wine. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2022) From vineyards on the hillside of Santo Stefano at 350 metres altitude, this is Extra Dry with around 15g/l of residual sugar. Pouring a pale green/yellow, the nose is delicate, precise and gently floral, leading onto a palate of notable sweetness, the gentle mouse and ripe, sliced pear aroma and flavour staying soft and attractively ripe and sweet, a pithy underpinning of acidity giving balance and enough freshness in the finish. Quite concentrated in terms of flavour. No UK retail listing at time of review, though firstclassproducts.co.uk stock a couple of other cuvées from this producer.
(2022) Extra Brut, so less than 6g/l of residual sugar, this bone dry and very elegant Prosecco has delicate jasmine and confit lemon aromas, a certain hint of saline character too. The palate is crisp and light, a little crunchy Redcastle and plenty more citrus, into a very nicely balanced, dry finish.
(2022) A Brut Prosecco with a little bit of depth to the colour and a light nuttiness to the otherwise fruity apple and pear aromas. In the mouth nicely dry, with a savoury lemon peel quality and nice texture, a touch of saline character into the finish. Note, price and stockist quoted is for a previous vintage at time of review.
(2022) A really sparky, extra dry Prosecco here, from the specific area of Ogliano in Valdobbiadene, crisp with vivacious citrus fruit punching through the florals, and a pithy grapefruit and lemon fruit and acidity that is mouthwatering and quite delicious. No UK stockists at time of review.
(2022) From cousins of the famous Anselmi family, this is 100% Ribolla Gialla with fruit from the Veneto and Friuli, and is made in a Prosecco style. It's Extra Dry, so has up to 17g/l of residual sugar. It's very pear-like, juicy and nicely balanced by fine apple acidity. I don't find the Ribolla Gialla makes a huge difference from Prosecco's Glera, but it's a well-made Spumante with a hint of complexity.
(2022) A brand new product, not yet in the UK at time of review, this is a semi-sparkling wine closed with a crown cap and sold undisgorged (and therefore lightly cloudy) in the col fondo or 'pet nat' style. It pours a pale, cloudy gold but immediately has interest with aromas of apricot and yeast, some fine pear and apple too, suggesting a dry character. It is indeed dry in the mouth, the gentle effervesence adding to the volume on the palate, that yeasty, slightly wheat-beer character set against very nice fruit and balanced acidity. Most enjoyable. Should sell for around the same price as the Fagher (£16 at time of review).
(2022) Again 100% Glera, this comes from the calcium-rich soils of the hill of Cartizze. It has a longer second fermentation than the Fagher cuvee, and is Dry, meaning it has at least 18g/l of residual sugar and noticeable sweetness. There is great delicacy here, a little icing sugar and bon-bon note, a gentle biscuity character in the background. Extremely elegant and almost weightless on the palate, the featherlight quality might at first seem too delicate, but there is persistence, balance between sweetness and acidity, in a very charming, high quality Prosecco.
(2022) Founded in 2003, I Stefanini has quickly built a reputation for quality, this 100% Garganega wine being one of three I Stefani Soaves stocked by Dudley Jones. Surprisingly deep buttercup colour with a flash of emerald, the nose has chamomile and spring flowers, a touch of nuttiness and lemon. In the mouth a delightfully zippy and refreshing wine, very good mouthfeel with a slippery texture and fruit moving from apricot and light honey into a zesty but rich finish. A terrific Soave this, with bags of character. Watch the video for more information and food-matching ideas.
(2021) A lovely wine this, very elegant and refined, discrete and delicately floral aromas, a touch of icing sugar and meringue. The palate is pin sharp, not too much fruitiness means a more gastronomic, though still featherlight style. A very nice Prosecco this with purity and subtlety.