(2022) Founded in 2003, I Stefanini has quickly built a reputation for quality, this 100% Garganega wine being one of three I Stefani Soaves stocked by Dudley Jones. Surprisingly deep buttercup colour with a flash of emerald, the nose has chamomile and Spring flowers, a touch of nuttiness and lemon. In the mouth a delightfully zippy and refreshing wine, very good mouthfeel with a slippery texture and fruit moving from apricot and light honey into a zesty but rich finish. A terrific Soave this, with bags of character.
(2021) A lovely wine this, very elegant and refined, discrete and delicately floral aromas, a touch of icing sugar and meringue. The palate is pin sharp, not too much fruitiness means a more gastronomic, though still featherlight style. A very nice Prosecco this with purity and subtlety.
(2021) A Brut wine with 7g/l of residual sugar coming from high, limestone hills. Quite subtle apple and floral aromas, a little dusting of icing sugar and lemon. Feels quite sweet on the palate despite the low-ish sugar, the fruit sweet and juicy. Well balanced, finishing softly with a pillow of mousse and sweetness.
(2021) Atypical Prosecco from the DOCG of Asolo Superiore, with just 3g/l of residual sugar. It is 100% Glera, and foams dramatically in the glass. On the nose, definite fruit ripeness with pear and peach and quite estery - even a suggestion of ripe banana adding a tropical twist. In the mouth it is bone-dry as expected, with lemony acidity and a touch of saltiness into the finish keeping it quite elegant and gastronomic.
(2021) Despite having only 3/gl of residual sugar, there's a soft and easy sweetness to this wine, the very ripe pear and lemon flavours flowing easily after a frothy, sherbetty opening. The wine does finish dry, with even a little salty lick to the citrus sharpness of the finish.
(2021) A particularly elegant and gentle Prosecco, the mousse a little less aggressive than some and the ripe, sweet fruit and even a little bread hint of autolysis and ozone freshness very appealing. Good balance, the sharpness of the acidity in the Brut wine honing a keen edge.
(2021) With around 17g/l of residual sugar this is just perceptibly off-dry, though as usual the lemony freshness of the acidity balances that. A tiny suggestion of toastiness on the nose adds to the juicy pear fruit, while the palate does show some mellow, almost honeyed nuances.
(2021) An Extra Dry wine with 16g/l of residual sugar, this cuvée was created to celebrate the year the cellar was founded: 1957. It opens with attractive super-fresh, sliced pear and apple, some gentle floral nuances. In the mouth there is plenty of pithy lemon acidity to act against the sweetness, and there's a fullness to the mid-palate with juiciness and the cushion of mousse that makes for a very pleasing drink. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2021) Zanotto make some interesting wines up in Prosecco country. These include a 'Col Fondo' wine, an undisgorged and cloudy example. This is not that; it is more conventionally Prosecco-like, but the addition of 10% Chardonnay along with the Glera grape means it is a Vino Bianco Spumante, not DOC Prosecco. It is Extra Dry, meaning it has has 12-17g/L of residual sugar, so sweeter than 'Brut'. The sugar really isn't felt in a wine that had loads of freshness, with fresh-sliced apple fruit and acidity. There's a little background nuttiness and creaminess, and plenty of vivacious citrus tang in the finish. Watch the video for more information.
(2021) Pears and fat Amalfi lemons in this crowd-pleasing Pinot Grigo which has a dollop of residual sugar (5g/l) to make a by-the-glass sipper but one with a bit of quality. Decent concentration of pear and lemon fruit, and balanced.