(2017) I had a wonderful visit to Slovenia a few years ago, to the north-western Primorski region which borders Friuli in Italy, with really very similar wine styles. This is made from the indigenous Zelèn variety in an aromatic and crisp, refreshing style. The nose marries waxy limes, peach down and more exotic lychee, before the palate which has lots of texture, a rippling lemon and lime acidity and a dry, cool, fruity core. Extremely tasty, and one of those all-rounder whites from soft cheeses like chaource, to fish, to a korma chicken curry. Watch the video for more information.
(2007) Pinot Gris. Around 10,000 bottles, so a big commercial wine selling around 5 Euros cellar door. Very bright, attractive fruit with juicy ogen melon and fat lemony fruit. On the palate a lovely fruit quality. It is dry, but lovely fruit sweetness comes through and a nicely judged orangy acidity. A beautifully pitched Pinot Gris.
(2007) Quite a schisty, smoky mineral note, with some herbal nuances. Fruit is quite ripe beneath. On the palate quite a buttery, full, limpid quality, but the fruit is bright and focused. The palate has some real leesy, skinny bite, with a waxiness and grip. Alcohol is quite noticeable too, but it is a fresh wine with a vibrant, tangy finish.
(2007) Bold, fruity, very lightly herbal notes with a nettly undertone. Matjaž thinks it is the rainy vintage that has promoted this characteristic. On the palate the lychee and pineapple ripeness of the fruit comes through, with a very nice juicy melon and citrus acidity with a grapefruit tang. Very fresh and mouthfilling, but that Sauvignon-like vibrancy pushes through. Delicious.
(2007) Lovely buttercup yellow colour. Very nice fruit character here, with lovely limpid freshness. Little notes of honeysuckle and honey, with some fig and apple fruit, and a background of slightly toasty vanillin. Sparky, bright, delightfully orangy and lemon zest fruitiness. This has verve and nervosity, with a dry grapefruit pith acidity and a sense of minerality, before a warming, rounded finish, but with that tangy definition. Very powerful, but beautifully balanced.
(2007) Polsuho indicates 'half-dry'. This Cabernet Sauvignon rosé is fermented in stainless steel and has a delicate, coppery pink colour. Very nice, fresh, soft strawberry fruit with little herbal nuances on the nose. Palate is off-dry, with plenty of fruit ripeness and RS. Mouthfilling and quite rich, with good acidity, though certainly in a soft, sweeter style. Very nice, easy-drinking aperitif wine, with only 12% alcohol.
(2007) Not for sale yet. Macerated for three weeks to bring as much anti-oxidants as possible from the grape to avoid use of sulphur. Rooted in traditional methods here. Matured in steamed new barrels, so there was almost no oak flavour imparted. Copper coloured wine. Lots of caramel and honey on the nose, with a creamy aroma and a persimmon note. The palate has that richness and chewy caramel character, but there is a robust fruitiness of bruised apples and sherry-like fruit and oxidised character that adds up to a complex picture, with the oxidised, waxy, phenolic character of the traditional style and some freshness and brightness.
(2007) Gorgeous nose, filled with creamy, dense sweetness. Primoz admits 2003 was an exceptional vintage for Merlot. Lots of chocolate, black plum and a plush, Sandalwood and clove spice. Delicious palate, brimming with sweet, creamy fruit, notes of cherry and ripe plums. Fantastic balance here and sense of plushness, with a creamy density to the tannins and a lovely push of acidity into the finish. Beautiful wine with plushness and velvety texture, but still structured and fresh.
(2007) Made in a similar style to rose, in stainless steel, with no maceration. From younger vines. Herbal, slightly vegetal notes. The palate is off-dry again, with a peachiness to the fruit, but also a certain nuttiness. But the sweetness of RS comes through, leaving this slightly in need of acidity, but again easy to drink.
(2007) Use only old barrels, keeps yields low and harvest late (beginning of October). Big, juicy blackurranty, crème de cassis nose, with some smokiness and a touch of deep mulberry character. There is a touch of greenness there. But a ripe, fruity wine. On the palate a touch of greenness comes through, and it has freshness and agility. Savoury in the finish, with good acid structure and some rustic, grippy tannins.