(2022) A very fine organic Riesling from a single vineyard, stony and limey with a sense of honeyed, waxy richness. The palate hints at a little sugar, but that is instantly swept up in a rush of citrus, crisp apple and salinity, the finish mouthwatering and savoury as the acid/fruit battle plays out. Delicious and energising.
(2019) An interesting wine this one, from the Austrian speciality grape Roter Veltliner, which is not related to the more famous of the Veltliners, Grüner. There's an intensity to the nose, albeit that the aromas are bright and aerial, with flowers and lemons, icing sugar and salts, a touch of peppery spice too. In the mouth there's a big burst of sweetness at first, and that intensity is there. It brims with fruit and a dry, quite pithy lemon acidity, though its fairly oily richness of texture and that sweetness just teeters on the edge of making this feel a touch flabby for me.