(2020) The 17 trees brand has partnered with not-for-profit organisation, Trillion Trees, to help rebuild the Australian bushland lost during the 2019-2020 bushfire season. Evert six bottles of 17 TREES sold will go towards planting one tree in Australia. Unfortunately I wasn't really taken by this wine, the nose rather stalky and green, the palate nicely fruited, but with a slightly harsh and astringent finish. I hope I am not being too harsh on this, but de Bortoli normally produces such highly drinkable wines from its Yarra Valley base, but this just didn't float my boat.
(2020) Part of a new range from de Bortoli, the name refers to the fact that part of the proceeds of sales of this 17 Trees range help fund a tree-planting programme aimed at rebuilding Australian bushland. I enjoyed this rather more than the Shiraz in the range, a nicely floral and peachy-fruit scented Pinot Grigio, with a juicy bite of crisp lemon and ripe, tropical melon on the palate. It's balanced and enjoyable, and a little bird tells me on sale with 25% off at the end of January 2021 if you want to take a note.