Wine Quiz 11

Your score will be displayed at the end of the quiz, along with the correct answers.


1. Glera is the only grape allowed in the production of which wine?
2. Who is or was known as The Wine Advocate?
3. In which Australian state is the Hunter Valley wine region?
4. Referring to Prosecco, which statement is true?
5. Which grape is NOT used in the production of Armagnac?
6. The classic ingredients for a Kir Royale are creme de cassis and...
7. The main grape of red wines from Priorat in northeast Spain is what?
8. Which famous Bordeaux wine lies behind this label?

9. What does a French winemaker achieve with Remontage?
10. Which substance is NOT used in Biodynamic preparations?
11. Who or what is DIAM?
12. Which mountains protect the Alsace vineyards from rain?
13. Sauvignon St Bris is Sauvignon Blanc from where?
14. I'm touring Gibbston, Bannockburn and Bendigo. Where am I?
15. Which Italian wine region is this?

16. The still base wine from which Champagne is made is called what?
17. Limari and Elqui are wine regions in which country?
18. I'm tasting a lovely Rebula at a cellar in Primorje. Where am I?
19. Arbane and Petit Meslier are minor grapes varieties for which wine?
20. The Fleurieu wine region is in which country?