Wine Quiz 23

A special quiz on New Zealand, supplied by regular visitor to wine-pages and owner of Riverby Estate in Marlborough, Kevin Courtney. Your score will be displayed at the end of the quiz, along with the correct answers.


1. In what year was the iconic Bordeaux blend Te Mata Coleraine first produced?
2. The Brajkovich family is associated with which NZ winery?
3. Cloudy Bay’s original winemaker Kevin Judd now has his own label. What’s it called?
4. There are several major clones of Chardonnay in NZ. Which of these is not a Chardonnay clone?
5. Riverby Estate is one of NZ’s premium sweet wine producers. The Riverby Estate Noble Riesling is typically closest to how many grams of residual sugar?
6. Neudorf is a famous NZ winery in which region?
7. Bannockburn is a sub region within which larger NZ wine region?
8. The first Syrah plantings in the Hawke’s Bay took place in which decade?
9. Quite a bit of NZ’s wine comes from the Marlborough region. Marlborough produced how much of NZ’s wine in 2019?
10. Trinity Hill’s ‘Homage’ is a premium NZ wine produced entirely or predominantly from which grape variety?
11. Which of these NZ wineries was the first to release a wine?
12. NZ is fortunate to have no restrictions on what varieties can be planted, but first a nursery has to import cuttings and propagate them. Which of these varieties is not grown in NZ as of 2020?
13. Which NZ region is its biggest producer of Pinot Noir?
14. Daniel Le Brun is best known as a pioneer of what wine style in Marlborough?
15. Dry River was one of the very first wineries in which wine region?
16. Like many other countries a NZ wine label doesn’t have to be 100% accurate. A certain percentage, like vintage or region, can be different. What % of a wine doesn’t have to be ‘true to label’?
17. NZ is famous for being the first country to adopt widespread use of screwcaps, the year after South Australia’s Riesling producers switched to screwcap. Which year did NZ introduce screwcaps?
18. Felton Road in Central Otago makes five different Pinot Noirs. Which of these isn’t the name of a Felton Road Pinot Noir?
19. ‘Endeavour’ is NZ’s most expensive white wine. Where does it come from?
20. Cloudy Bay is a well-known Marlborough wine company, but it sources one wine from another region. Which one?