Wine Quiz 3

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1. Alta, Alavesa and Baja make up which larger wine region?
2. What is Phylloxera?
3. The wine Vouvray comes from which region?
4. Sanlucar is important in making which specific wine?
5. What gives the Greek wine Retsina its distinctive flavour?
6. Why might a Port lover employ Port Tongs?
7. Which of these grapes cannot be used to make Champagne?
8. Which village does this wine come from?

9. What is the Aboriginal meaning of ‘Coonawarra’?
10. Nevers, Tronçais and Alliers are the source of which important winemaking product?
11. The Methuen treaty is important in the history of which wine?
12. What kind of wine is a Vin Doux Naturel?
13. Where is the wine region of Mendoza?
14. Which grape variety takes its name from the fog that often shrouds its vineyards?
15. Which of these is not a real wine?
16. Where do these wine come from: Fleurie, Chiroubles?
17. From which ingredient did Vermouth derive its name?
18. Which country produces sparkling wines labelled Cap Classique?
19. What Italian Denominazione is missing in this diagram?

20. The large Champagne bottle sizes Nebuchadnezar, Methuselah and Jeroboam are named after what?