Wine Quiz 4

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1. Montagne de Reims produces grapes for which wine?
2. A wine taster might say a wine has “RS”. What does RS stand for?
3. Hawke's Bay is a wine region in which country?
4. 2,4,6-trichloroanisole is more commonly known as what?
5. What or who are Huxelrebe and Bacchus?
6. When is decanting a red wine always advisable?
7. What is ‘Steen’?
8. On this map, where is the Sancerre region?

9. The Viognier grape is sometimes blended into what famous red wine?
10. What is or are ‘Barcos’?
11. What do Chateau Miravel, Rubicon Estate and Chateau de Tigne have in common?
12. A French wine described as ‘Moelleux’ is what?
13. With which famous wine producer do we associate Aubert de Villaine
14. The name of which grape translates to ‘Little sweet one’?
15. The owner of Chateau Petrus also established which top Californian winery?
16. Assmannshausen in Germany is associated with what style of wine?
17. Who made the first vintages of the legendary Penfolds Grange?
18. What is Brettanomyces, often shortened to ‘Brett’?
19. This soil full of rounded stones is typical of which region?

20. What distinction is held by the white wine grape variety Airén?