Wine Quiz 6

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1. Crémant describes which style of wine?
2. Bairrada is a wine producing region in which country?
3. Sangiovese is the main grape of which wine?
4. What important job does a Tonnelier do?
5. A magnum of Champagne is how many bottles?
6. In which country is the wine region of Suhindol?
7. Eltville is an important wine town in which country?
8. In which country is this scene?

9. Where is the Russian River wine area?
10. Red Sancerre is made from which grape?
11. What is a Lagar?
12. Which Champagne house ferments all of its base wines in oak barrels?
13. Which famous figure from the world of wine is this?

14. Which Port-like wine comes from Patras in Greece?
15. Which of these is a traditional grape of Bordeaux?
16. Where is the Sanford and Benedict Vineyard?
17. Which winemaking process converts harsh acids to softer acids?
18. What grapes are used in Brown Brothers ‘Orange Muscat and Flora’?
19. The image below shows what?

20. Patamars are found in Portugal. What are they?