Wine Quiz 7

Your score will be displayed at the end of the quiz, along with the correct answers.


1. ‘Hock’ was a traditional English name for wines of which country?
2. Semillon grapes normally make what sort of wine?
3. Which term describes part of the Champagne-making process?
4. Where is the wine region of Trentino?
5. Which is a classic descriptor that might be used for the aroma of a Riesling wine?
6. what types of wine can be labelled ‘Chassagne-Montrachet’?
7. Who or what is Lambrusco?
8. What famous wine region is this?

9. Bot River and Robertson are wine regions in which country?
10. Nicolas Catena is a famous wine producer where?
11. Domaine Drouhin make wines where?
12. What does the French term batonnage refer to?
13. This cross marks which famous vineyard?

14. Which wine is sometimes opened with a sword?
15. Which one is NOT a Sangiovese-based wine?
16. In this list of options, which one links Otago, Oregon and the Cote d’Or?
17. how is the difference between ‘aroma’ and ‘bouquet’ usually defined?
18. Why would a winemaker employ ‘cryo-extraction’?
19. Which wine has these misty mountains on its label?

20. Approximately how many calories in a 125ml glass of dry wine?