Wine Quiz 2

Your score will be displayed at the end of the quiz, along with the correct answers.


1. The Mosel wine region is in which country?
2. Which of the grapes listed is not grown in Alsace?
3. The Viognier grape on its own makes what sort of wine?
4. Where does the wine Chateauneuf-du-Pape come from?
5. The Margaret River and Clare Valley wine regions are in which country?
6. What puts the sparkle into sparkling wine?
7. Which is a wine made from frozen grapes?
8. Which bottle is the traditional Burgundy shape?

9. Sercial is an important grape in which wine?
10. what term refers to the addition of sugar during fermentation?
11. what is the highest ripeness level in this list?
12. Where is the Champlain Valley wine producing area?
13. The Chianti Classico zone lies between which two cities?
14. In Portugal, what is a ‘Quinta’?
15. What does the French term ‘Vendange Tardive’ mean?
16. Pinotage is a cross between Cinsaut and which other grape variety?
17. Which was not a Premier Cru in the original 1855 Classification?
18. Ortega and Scheurebe are what?
19. Which of these is the Medoc region?

20. Which of these wines is the odd one out?