January 2022 Purchases

Given how bonkers some of the EP2020 prices look I'm looking back at previous vintages I thought overpriced at the time and thinking what a bargain they are.... it is a dangerous mind game, but has netted some 2013 Drouhin Laroze Clos de Beze and 2018 CLF Charmes Chambertin.

That said I did go for some 2020 Chanson Savigny Dominode.

Time to stop browsing the internet and get back to work to pay for it.
The post-Christmas/New Year sale in London is a bit disappointing (both wine and food), still, I saw one bottle of Veuve Fourny et Fils Champagne Cuvee Clos de Notre Dame 2008 at Selfridges at reasonable price, so I bought it.

I am waiting for some Ch. Heidsieck 2016 base BdB and Beaucastel RVV blanc 2016 to arrive, but those were paid for in 2021.
I did at least wait until the end of New Year's Day to acquire a 6-pack of Roederer 242 at the Majestic price, along with a couple of other decently priced bottles from their sale...

Yes some additional Majestic bin end sales today which brings the Lismore Syrah 2017 down to £19.49. Sold out online and limited stock in stores but I managed to snaffle 10 bottles.
I’ve been really tempted but looking at my stock I see I have over 25 dozen burgundy in bond (as well as a lot of other stuff plus rather more in my cellar) so I think I’ll be restricting myself to a couple of cases this time…
The sweet peace of Christmas and zero purchases for around 7 days came to a crashing halt. One last flurry I think before slowing down.
Found a few bottles of very well priced Comtes 2004 and Cristal 2013. Then a small retailer I know had a 25% off offer and had 3 bottles of Cristal at an already fair price so added a Comtes 2007 and Gosset 12ans to make the case.

Rare 2002 also has been added.
Vilmart Rose 2013
Rare 2008
A few bottles of Heimark Cab Sav 2018
Arista Ritchie Chardonnay 2018
Couple of Paul Pillot 2017 Charmois St Aubin
Abstaining from drinking in January is proving much easier than abstaining from buying:

Confuron-Gindre Bourgogne Rouge, NSG & V-R villages all 2017s, plus 2016 Hubert Lamy St-Aubin Derrière Chez Edouard.

This impulsive rush of blood to the head followed an approach to Bacchus to sell some wines in their next auction. The naively heroic idea is to fund wine purchases out of wine sales in 2022.