(2018) Another Brut Prosecco, so with less than 12g/l of residual sugar, this is a forthy and crowd-pleasing style, though with a deal of elegance and refinement. The nose is filled with crisp pear aromas, with delicate floral and icing sugar nuances, before a palate that has a good backbone of acidity, and that moderate sugar giving both a hint of sweetness and a nice lemony, sours freshness to the flavour profile.
(2018) A brut Prosecco, so drier than many and lower in sugar, hence the very modest 63 calories per 100ml, so less than 100 calories in a decent 150mm serving. It is foamy and frothy, with a crisp apple and lemon sherbet nose, the palate noticeably drier than many Proseccos, with plenty of lemony bite, but still enough pear and apple fruitiness to please fans of Italy's most popular fizz. Note that offers seem to abound on this: at time of review down £8.99 in Budgens, £9.99 in Ocado
(2018) In some ways it's a surprising Extra Dry, indicating it has more sugar (12-17gl) than a Brut, as the brisk, lean and lemony acidity here gives it a sensation of bone-dryness in the finish. Pretty, floral and icing sugar notes lead on to that palate which, after an initial burst of peachy fruit, soon narrows to a reasonably long and very crisp and agile finish.
(2018) What a fascinating - and really excellent - wine this is. From a single vineyard, it is a vintage wine with zero residual sugar, and therefore bone-dry. This is a family firm, daughters Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana Bortolomiol carrying on the work of their father Giuliano, the wines made by Roberto Cipresso, one of Italys most highly-regarded oenelogists. The result is a fabulous, pin-sharp and refined Prosecco, where delicate pear and herb aromas are swept up in a rush of lemon and lime, crystalline acidity. A genuine food Prosecco, with terrific finesse and length. No UK stockists at time of writing
(2018) A distinctly superior Superiore, from a single, south-facing vineyards in the prime Conegliano / Valdobbiadene zone. Just a few hectares of old vines are reserved exclusively for this cuvée. It is made with a longer maceration on the grape skins before fermentation, to maximise flavours, and is a particularly dry and grown-up style. Floral, lime peel and crunchy apple aromas lead on to a mouth-watering palate, a pithy lemon and grapefruit acidity asserting against the prettier fruit flavours, to give an intensity rarely found in Prosecco, still clear and gossamer-light, into a long, refined finish. Watch the video for food-matching ideas and more information.
(2018) Made from Muscat, Glera and Brachetto, this is an off-dry fizz with only 8% alcohol, so in the same idiom as the Asti from Martini. There's an added strawberry character joining the icing sugar and lemony fruit, the pale pink colour is appealing and it slips down very easily in a summer-in-the-garden style.
(2015) Made from 100% Glera, this 11% alcohol sparkler does nothing wrong in terms of being fresh, sherbetty, easy-going and crowd-pleasing, though it is fairly generic. Lemon, apple, and a frothy brightness, a bit of residual sugar adds to the quaffability for parties or summer in the garden perhaps.
(2015) A new own-label Prosecco for Tanners wine merchants, and quite a different beast from the Filipetti: a similar steady stream of good, small bubbles, but the nose is much more subdued, less flowery, but the real difference is on the palate which is very much drier in comparison, more focused on fine apple fruit, with a long and well-balanced finish. In pure wine terms, a superior product, but also more to my taste I confess.
(2014) >From the flat area outside of the Valdobbiadene-Conigliano DOCG area. Soft and pear-droppy aromas, with a lemon sherbet freshness and touch of leafy herbs that's very attractive. Gentle mousse, abundantly fresh with tangy lemon flavours and more of that fresh pear. Good acidity. 14g/l.
(2014) Bottled under screwcap at a lower pressure, and with only 10% alcohol by volume, this delicately effervescent wine has a similar pear-fruited aroma and pleasant sherbetty fizz in the mouth. Again, super-fresh, just a hint of being off-dry, but lots of cleansing, fresh acidity to finish.